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Imprisoned Liu Xiaobo`s Nobel Peace Prize and after...
Build worldwide movement to establish human rights & justice

|| Dr. M Helal ||
Imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo`s adornment with the Nobel Peace Prize of 2010 has raised political debate in one hand, on the other it has given a new dimension to democracy & human rights movements across the world. Experts think that international recognition to this leader would make the Chinese citizens stir-up to reform their political culture.

Though China has made dramatic progress in economic reform, lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, its political reform has not kept pace with this progress; some basic human rights of its people are being violated since long. Though the freedom of speech is incorporated in the constitution of this country, its citizens cannot really enjoy it. As a result a huge number of people are deprived of enjoying democracy & human rights.

Civil life of Chinese people: Freedom of speech denied
In 2002, I met a Chinese student named Sui Ming in the Netherlands. She was doing PhD in Economics with my wife. Cheerful & animated Sui often talked about her country`s political culture.

Sui was a brilliant student, she had great love to her motherland yet she was not interested to go back to China after completing Ph D. She apprehended that her research would be hindered by limited freedom of speech and absence of liberty to express opinion in China. It might confine her lifestyle too. I came to know from her that various facilities in China are directly or indirectly conditional to acceptance of the policies & opinions of the government in power. There is no way to dispute or to criticize, no option for remonstration against law or policy. According to many like Sui, their government is painstaking for the development of the country, which is noticeable; but the taste of this advancement remains unattractive as there is no freedom of speech. Chinese people lead their life like an encaged bird provided with luring foods.

The Chinese media & internet are highly controlled. The people there can only browse the websites which are permitted by the government. News broadcasted by satellite TV channels are censored. People`s activities remain under observation. Everybody is cautious, whether they have done anything, which goes against the government policy. Creative & freedom-loving people don`t like such rigid politics, specially the youths like Sui, who have keen sense of right & wrong. But opportunity to protest is very limited. Control over the freedom of speech is frustrating enough to baffle the cheerful & enlightened youths. Consequently, after completing PhD; Sui didn`t go back to her country. Now she is going to settle her life in Holland, the home of liberty.

Dear reader, though the matter discussed above is true, I could not use the original name of that Chinese student. It is another tragedy that the journalists or writers, who raise their voice against injustice and from whom they get information, fall in danger. It is not only a tragedy but also an impediment to build a transparent, just society and peaceful world. However, it is my firm belief that one day in this so called modern world freedom of speech would be strongly upheld and righteousness will prevail in such a way that we would be able to voice our thoughts & feelings fearlessly.

Negligence of human rights by China and desired legal system for ultramodern world The Chinese government`s policy of focusing on economic development is obviously laudable. But its impatience to difference in opinions and negligence toward basic human rights has disappointed not only the Chinese, but also the people of whole world. Upon hearing about Liu`s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, the Chinese government warned the Nobel Committee to change their decision. They admonished Norwegian government that if Xiaobo would be awarded this prize, they would sever their foreign relationship with Norway. But no threat dissuaded the Nobel Committee from nominating Xiaobo for Peace Prize as a tribute to his advocacy for human rights. Isn`t this scourge from such a boosted & highly developed country like China to a neutral, internationally accepted organization like the Nobel Committee painful & menace to world peace & solidarity?

For a long time, Chinese authority has been strongly suppressing its countrymen`s freedom of speech. Additionally, it has kept imprisoned many of the advocates of nonviolence & human rights movement. Moreover, their threat to the decision of such unanimously accepted international organization like the Nobel Committee is against democracy. Following the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Chinese government censored all the news about this and imposed restrictions on media & internet. While achievement of such a high level honor by this Chinese leader is a glory for all Chinese people, the government has neglected the human rights by depriving its people from obtaining news & information regarding this. Liu is not allowed to meet with his family even with his brother though every prisoner of Jinzhon prison of Liaoning Province is allowed to meet with their close relatives. In this case law enforcing agency has violated the rules. Also it is humiliating that Liu`s wife, Xia is kept under house arrest without any particular charge against her. Furthermore, China renounced the scheduled meeting between Fishery Minister of China and that of Norway. Isn`t this diplomacy of the Chinese government about the action of neutral, independent & apolitical Nobel Committee an undesired interpose? Isn`t such impudence & offensive attitude to internationally dignified Nobel Committee unbecoming to Chinese culture & civilization? Liu Xiaobo is a world standard professor, writer and human rights activist -who called for democratic reforms of China. He was inspiring people to establish rights and freedom of speech. He didn`t do any corruption, even didn`t do anything for self interest. This altruistic leader advocated for freedom of speech. So his imprisonment with ordinary prisoners is beneath the dignity, which is painful for us. If such literate & benign person seems to be flout for law and disturbing for harmony, he could utmost be placed under house arrest; but not with ordinary prisoners in a wretched prison situated far away from Beijing. Are the laws, which have placed Xiaobo in prison, complied by all? Laws should be enacted & approved by such agents, who are democratically elected by the people, on whom those laws are applicable. Laws should be aimed at serving people & humanity. Thus the judgment should be neutral, obvious & transparent. Any verdict should ensure justice & humanity.

The law that is not founded on logic, justice & welfare; the law that doesn`t conserve people`s rights & humanity rather violates people`s freedom of speech is nothing but a black law. Suppose all the members of the government and the opposition in any parliament unanimously decide to kill a street boy, while the boy has none to defend him; yet it would not be just to pick even a single fur of him. The law that allows the honorable judge to declare death sentence to an innocent person, is simply an unjust & illegal law. Laws are system of rules that are formulated to bring order in a society. The primary goal of a law is to ensure freedom & justice. So it should be pertaining to general people and not against them. Democracy means sovereignty, contention, not to torture or to strike with stick. Dissent writings if needed, have to be amended after reason & logic. But isn`t it opposed to democracy and modern civilization to go directly in litigation without facilitating for reformation?

In democracy someone may be leader as usual but in case of rights they would not have even a bit of extra opportunity than the general people. It is now the time to think over, how far the state administration of China is logical & modern as that is avoiding various issues of democracy & human rights. For the purpose of forming a healthy democratic society it is high time that the world inhabitants become concerned about the negligence of freedom of speech in China. As a country China is paramount and is now becoming the World tiger from Asian tiger. However well-wishers of China now desire that Chinese people will come forward for their political & philosophical reformation aiming at resuscitations to human rights, specially freedom of speech.

As yet, may in some corner of the world exist such politics that makes people fool, but in an ultramodern world such politics would not be swallowing. In this generation with education & technology, where general people are very much autonomous & conscious; primitive dictatorship will no more be consented. Everyone wants to practise free thinking and prefers transparent & accountable government. Without these, social justice-democracy-human rights i.e. world civilization will be threatend & wallowed.

It is the obvious responsibility that the law makers will form laws by an open discourse & contention and the judgments will be based on those laws. But why there would not have any alternative for public evaluation of laws? Because of collusion between just-unjust, Xiaobo has to exhaust his life being confined in prison for a long time. I believe that Chinese authority will take Xiaobo`s acquittal into consideration immediately.

The flaw for which Liu-Xiaobo is sentenced, didn`t China do the same fault by giving premonition to the Nobel Committee and by politicizing the Nobel Prize? Isn`t it the responsibility of the United Nations or an international court to scrutinize such attitude of China? If it is not so, then where is social justice in this world? Is this world modern? If someone says- this world is modern, I will say, let us go ahead in search of an ultramodern world. Whatever the definition of `modern` would be in dictionary, to my little knowledge it means three words- transparency, accountability & good governance.

Member of a club has to maintain rules & regulations of that club. Likewise, as a citizen, he has to obey the rules of his country. Then isn`t as a global citizen he is supposed to be praised or scorned in the eye of law of the world? Social justice will not be rooted until the establishment of international law; till then people of the world will remain aggrieved for want of justice in different edges of the world, just as Xiaobo`s soul is crying and the soul of Aung San Suu Kyi cried for long. I don`t know whether or not the world leaders feel for these great persons, who can devote their lives only for the freedom of general people and can despoil their lives circumscribing in prison. But I feel ashamed of thinking of this situation.

When I read in newspaper that Liu Xiaobo became tearful while expressing to his wife his desire to dedicate his Peace Prize for the students, who shed their souls in Tiananmen Square of China, then I perceived myself with tears. His distress, his tragedy have been embedded in my heart in such a way that until I hear about his release, my heart will not become tranquiled. Therefore, this piece of my humble writing is dedicated to Xiaobo as a symbol of my respectful love for him.

Development of judiciary for a peaceful world
Modernization of law & judiciary is the first requisite to achieve world peace. It will be possible to achieve world peace if different countries & international organizations become fully transparent in enacting respective laws and ensure their implementation. Peace will not come from firmament, rather we ourselves have to search for it and work for its materialization.

Applying some rules & regulations among the members & staffs of my organization Campus Social Development Centre (CSDC), I have noticed that individual-family-institution & society become happy & peaceful, if they stand habituated to these rules-

1. To behave on the basis of logic & justice.
2. To be aware of the rights of others and own responsibilities.
3. To be natural and not to be artificial.
4. To be forgiving & patient.
5. To be thankful & grateful.
6. To practice own religion and to respect the same of others.

I firmly believe that if the world leaders specially who are placed on the center of world power, come forward with practicing the above mentioned norms, then the world peace will definitely come into being.

Heretofore, judiciary of this so called modern world is not modern. Till now wealthy people can only appoint experienced & adroit lawyer by means of money, while the poor are divested to quality legal service of such lawyers for want of money. Justice is still denied as there remain huge pending cases in courts and the legal process is very slow.

As there is no prevaricator identification machine, criminals can get themselves free from allegation very easily by false testimony. For adversity the poor countries cannot appoint adequate number of judges and judicial staffs. In these countries there is no fixed time when a case will be prosecuted in court. As a result, both the complainant & defendant have to pass all day long awaiting in court. For this reason, many people avoid court. In this way the criminals can keep themselves away from punishment, the victims have to face problems and the society suffers from anarchy.

Hitherto, in many countries, judiciary cannot raise head atop; even with their best efforts honorable judges cannot always deliver judgment in an unbiased way. Consequently, people associated with the court complain that sometimes the verdict is influenced indirectly by the government or by powerful lawyers. Such realities of judiciary make the general people to feel threatened to proceed further in legal action. For many such reasons, the world is deprived of a real neutral judiciary, while human rights, democracy & world peace remain a far cry.

We have to be international forgoing
all conservative outlooks and we should be humane & responsible to the rights of others. Only then society-country-world will experience peace & prosperity. Without being international by overcoming the circle of meanness, the triumph of humanity would never be pronounced in this universe. Undemocratic & autocratic men, who tend to imprison persons like Liu Xiaobo and Aung San Suu Kyi, do not know that- imprisonment make these persons more popular, powerful, accepted & celebrated than they are out of prison. Imprisonment of one Xiaobo induces million Xiaobos or Suu Kyis to come out in the society, who will definitely establish justice & human rights in this world; nothing can deter them from doing so, no matter how much time & struggle it will take!

So it is my humble request to all those authorities, who are negligent to democracy & human rights- please set free all advocates of non-violence & human rights like Xiaobo; rather arrest national-international terrorists, war-mongers, oil-pirates, the assassins of democracy & humanity. Only then world will witness peace & prosperity; all of you will be celebrated historically. Though it is already late to have such celebration from the people of the world, but better late than never, pls... Otherwise, just as the past, forthcoming history will not pardon those, who are currently neglecting human rights. Because, it is natural & eternal to establish freedom & human rights, no matter how many years it takes and how much struggle it requires.

Let all come into sense soon; let humanity gets freed from all chains; let all good endeavors be successful.